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Friday, October 28, 2005

A Special Day...

Dear readers,
Through the years, there will be few that people will remember in the blogosphere, Alex and Brett Harris will be one of those. The dynamic duo has shocked the blog world the past few months with their unique blend of conservative evangelism, a call to their generation to wake, and “Do Hard Things”, and a reminder that adolescence is not a vacation from responsibility, but a preparation for it.
We have read their blog from the time that there were few viewers, till now where the point that they are the number 2 ranked religious blog on Blog Top Sites. Every one of their posts is intriguing and sometimes exhilarating.
We have followed the short, yet sweet life of their niece, Faith Felicity Harris, as she was born with heart trouble, and I have literally spent hours on my knees for her. “Little Bright Eyes”, as she was affectionately dubbed by all who have seen pictures, went to see her Lord and Master on October 6, 2005. We mourned with them as they endured hardship.
We all rejoiced when they were given the rare opportunity to intern with Chief Justice Tom Parker. And that was wonderful!

But today is a special day.

We all have this day sooner or later…actually, to be more precise, we have it every year. It’s that special day when you turn another year older. Today, Advancing His Kingdom wants to call attention to Project Harris: Happy Birthday to two special guys. They are turning 17 today. Which is a milestone, because they will never be 17 again. So here’s to the Harris twins.

Happy Birthday guys!

We love you, may God bless you, and keep you and may the Lord make his face shine upon you, and give you peace. May you grow in wisdom and stature and in favor with God and man.

Other involved in Project Harris: